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Yum Packed Kale Salad

Yum Packed Kale Salad

kale salad blogYum Packed Kale Salad is one of my fave ways to whip up a quick kale salad to eat right away or bring later for a lunch or dinner on the go.

Kale is a beautiful dark leafy green than can hold up well to many kinds of dressings and it is actually even better left with the dressing on for a few hours or overnight to soften and flavour the leaves.

When I had my newborns, kale salad was my go to meal. I craved it day and night. And, I would eat when baby ate. It just so happened I wasn’t letting the act of breastfeeding get between me and my kale salad! I recall numerous times that I would find small green leaves in her hair or on her clothes after feeding time…oops. Sorry babe.

I just couldn’t get enough of this though!!

So I would fill up a large salad bowl with kale – the part I liked least was the breaking it up, washing it and drying it. But I found if I washed the leaves in the morning and set them out on a towel, they would dry through the day and then I could make the salad at night and eat half, then save half for the next day. This worked well. I also am a fan of chopped and washed bagged kale (that was revolutionary! I was super grateful to find that).

So here it is. Save it. Make it. Enjoy it!

Yum Packed Kale Salad-2


Let me know how you like it! I can’t wait to hear.


Love Jen


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