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Why Not?

Why Not?

Why NotIt’s become so natural for us to just “go through the motions” and not give much thought to our actions and behaviours – or their consequences

Have you become aware yet of the leaks I talk about in FitMama Podcast episode 42?

What are the automatic things you do in a day that may be holding you back?

  • Snoozing your alarm and skipping your morning self-care routine
  • Obsessing over wanting something you’ve deemed “bad”
  • Mindlessly scrolling your phone with growing anxiety
  • Constantly worrying about things you can’t control
  • Saying you want one thing and then doing another
  • Repeating old habits, patterns and spending on things that don’t serve you

The list goes on…

Wake up to your life FitMama and set some new programs that can run just as effortlessly, but they will help you instead of hurt you…

Love Jen

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