We are our kid's role models

We Are Our Kid’s Role Models!

We Are Our Kid’s Role Models!



Modelling is the loudest voice we use to teach.

Whether we know it or want that responsibility every day, it is a byproduct of having children that we are their role models. As parents, it’s natural to be questioning whether we are doing right by our children. Were we too hard on them, too strict, not strict enough, or did we pay enough attention to them, guide them or adequately teach them right from wrong?

The truth is, that if you are questioning these things, you are probably doing far superior than you think. The fact is, however, your children look up to you and you are the main guiding person in their life, so there is always room for improvement. 

They look at what you do, listen to what you say and follow your actions. They want to be just like you. Even when you don’t think they are looking, they see.

What can you do?

  1. NOTICE. Becoming more mindful of what you do and say in front of your kids will ensure you are doing and saying things that benefit them. Want them to eat more veggies? You might need to be doing more of that yourself.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE. Follow up this mindfulness by finding times to compliment and praise your children for their efforts in front of others. Watch how they join in in the kitchen or want to do your exercise and acknowledge how much fun it is to feel energized and vibrant together.
  3. NIX THE NEGATIVES. What if instead of the negatives, we reported to our kids or friends and colleagues about how how hard they worked on a project or how we admire the effort they put into helping a friend or playing a sport. And even more powerful is saying this within earshot of our kids.
  4. NOW REPEAT. Keep doing, saying or noticing the behaviours you want them to be following. And repeat them over and over. 

When we lead by example, compliment others and encourage them (whether it’s our children or others), they are more likely to follow in the praise and actually display those qualities, as well as they will be more likely to praise and encourage others around them the way they see us doing.

Be mindful of all you say and do, our little ones are perceptive and always listening.

Particularly when we don’t think they are.

Comment below or share in the FitMama Facebook group how being a more positive role model for your kids has helped you reach more of your personal goals!

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