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Wake Up and Take It!

Wake Up and Take It!

Hi FitMama!

I am often asked by others these three questions: 1. How I can get so much done in a day? 2. How I have so much energy? and 3. What’s my secret to getting up early?

My answer to the first two is waking up before my kids get up! Which sounds like a great idea, until the reality of it feels like the worst in history when you hear your alarm go off in the morning.

Now, I know us FitMamas are often awake multiple times in the night with newborns, babies or have kids who are on a sleep strike, not to mention we have times when our kids are sick or we have lots going on or whatever reason that makes waking up early difficult. That being said, those are here and there or just for phases and stages of our lives, they are not the norm, so keep this in mind and know it is not forever (thankfully)!

Waking up early has been one of the most significant contributors to my being able to fit in exercise, make time for mediation, create a morning routine that works for me and it allows me to start my day in a proactive way rather than reactive.

We all know what if feels like to race around from morning to night, so taking some moments of calm early in the morning can be life changing.

Check out my short video about the TOP 3 Ways you can start to cultivate an earlier start to your day and this will help you wake up and get after it.

Let us know below how it goes for you and how waking up early has changed things for you!

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Love Jen

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