Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines

Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines

Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines

Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines!

It’s not uncommon to be fearful of doing things while pregnant. We are often led to believe by others (people, media, well meaning friends and family) that doing ANYTHING while pregnant can result in some horrible fate. And as conscious loving Mama Bears we don’t want to do anything that could potentially hurt our growing baby.

I understand that fully. However, there are some things that you want to consider in deciding whether or not to exercise during pregnancy.

  1. Did my doctor tell me it was ok for me to exercise?
  2. Do I feel good enough to exercise? (be honest with yourself)
  3. Do I know what I can safely do for exercise during pregnancy?
  4. Am I overdoing it?
  5. Do I realize that labour and delivery is harder than a marathon, so I could use to train a little for it?

Now, on the last point, there are many things that go into how your labour and delivery pan out – genetics, baby size, your anatomy, physiology, fitness and a myriad of other factors and circumstances which make each and every labour and delivery unique.

However, to NOT workout out of unwarranted fears may have you wishing you were in better “shape” (cardiovascular and strength-wise) to withstand and really get into it with 24-48 hours of labour and delivery.

A marathon is only 4-5 hours! And very few try to get through one without any training at all. While carrying an extra 20-100 lbs. Right?

You never know what your birth story will ultimately look like, but you can be as prepared as possible going into it, fitness wise, health permitting.

Watch the video for my Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines to make it safe, worthwhile and your best possible path to an awesome labour, delivery and postpartum recovery.

Let me know how it goes!


Love Jen


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