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To Shrink, Don’t Overthink

To Shrink, Don’t Overthink

toshrinkdont overthinkTo Shrink, Don’t Overthink are FitMamas Top 5 Ways to make being healthy more effortless.
Let’s be honest here, who wants to spend all their time and brain power on getting and staying healthy? We are all wearing multiple hats in our lives and have commitments and needs of our own and others to tend to. Why not make the “stay healthy” item on the to-do list one that takes no effort at all?
How is that possible, you ask?
Well, I am always saying to my clients and FitMamas everywhere, “To Shrink, Don’t Overthink” and this goes for not only shrinking, but also for maintaining where you are.
When you look at all the info out there about weight loss, pre and postnatal training, fitness, nutrition and health in general – it is mind boggling how complicated it can all be. Most of it contradicts what the last one said and it can leave you feeling more frustrated, confused and lost than before.
Enter the Effortless Version: FitMama is all about making things flow in your life and not feeling like you have to work SO HARD for every little thing.
I don’t subscribe to the “No Pain, No Gain” mentality, as that is just not safe, smart or sustainable as a healthy lifestyle motto.
Let me share with you my Top 5 ways to make being healthy more effortless:
5. Keep it simple with food!! Stop over-analyzing carbs, fats and proteins, that is a true waste of energy. When going shopping, pick up lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and real, whole foods (pre-chopped or prepped veg if that makes it more realistic) because when you have these on hand and prepped at home, it is way more likely that you will stir fry them up, pack them for on the go snacks and put it out for the kids (and yourself) to gnaw on while you cook dinner.
4. Treat exercise like brushing your teeth. Do you question when you wake up, “will I brush or not today? Maybe I will start Monday…” NO! You don’t. So do the same thing with exercise. Have it as a part of your daily routine. Even if it just for 15 minutes in your living room stretching or walking up and down the stairs 2 by 2 for 15 minutes, get moving! Not over-thinking it, just expecting you will do it daily. Download the 8 Day Fitness Challenge for 8 days of simple home workouts you can do anytime with no equipment!
3. Avoid eating (and especially over-eating) junk food or refined foods (read: food in packages that isn’t really food), they mess with your body’s function and your brain chemicals. Which are often already pretty “messed up” so to speak because of lack of sleep, juggling too many responsibilities, multi-tasking or hormones controlling your entire self. Plus, the more junk you eat, the more you want. So put down the chips or sugar laden coffee drinks and pick up some water and some green juice or an apple. You will notice how much better you feel within 24 hours, I know it.
2. Get to sleep early. I know, I know, it’s the only time sans kids that you can actually hear yourself think, or take a deep breath or clean up without it looking like you didn’t. BUT, I am telling you, you need sleep. The association between a healthy sleep and a healthy weight is irrefutable, so don’t refute, just sleep! The hormone fluctuations and stress response associated with lack of sleep causes cravings and mental strain that will trickle into your days and negatively influence your habits, so just don’t do it. Or just do it. Either way you look at it, sleep!
1. See yourself at your ideal health or weight and then act as that person would, by feeding your body as that body would eat, exercising like that body would move, and never ever talk ill of your body. It hears you! And it responds to the positive or negative energy you shower it with. Your body is an incredible piece of art and science that brought humans into this world among all the other incredible feats of nature it performs daily (breathing, heart beating, thinking, hello true MAGIC!!) Treat it with constant, unconditional love each and every moment and watch what happens.
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Make it simple on yourself. Don’t overthink! Keep it simple and know that healthy habits add up over time, and they make you feel really good each day!
Share below what keeps you feeling great, how do you incorporate healthy habits into life as a FitMama, I can’t wait to hear!
Love, Jen

2 Comments on “To Shrink, Don’t Overthink

  1. I truly appreciated reading these 5 things to not overthink (somethings Hong I was born doing). Even if some or all tips are a reminder, the examples for me, are very close to my life experiences currently and this article serves as a fabulous reminder and yet another motivating piece to get me back on track. With my 235 unread emails today alone, I am so glad I opened this one! Thanks Jen Oliver. I’m still around…always looking forward to your posts.

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