The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

The Time Is NowMaking things happen✨

Remember the days when your current reality was just a dream?

When you imagined having kids, your spouse, your home, finding purpose or doing the work you now do?

Remember all those hours you visualized this current beautiful imperfectly perfect life?

If not, here’s a veteran tip: spend the hours visualizing what you DO want, not worrying about what you don’t #worthit

It’s either making excuses or choosing to not let them stand in your way✨

It’s putting in the hours to NOT follow the status quo of our culture where rushing and complaining are the most commonly exchanged currencies⚡️

Spending your precious resources of thoughts, feelings, words, actions and moods on negativity, lack, worrying or scarcity?

Tune into this week’s podcast #linkinbio as I walk you through exactly what a scarcity mindset will do to crush your dreams.

Think you don’t have time to do what it takes?

You do❣️

Your life is waiting ✅

This is me just before going on for my interview @nbcpalmsprings and the look on my face is nervousness mixed with a deep knowing that this is exactly where I’m meant to be and it’s what I’ve been visualizing and working towards my whole life #nailedit

Love Jen

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