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Podcast: Own Your BS!® Interview with Bree Stedman

Hold on FitMama, you’re about to get some serious support on your female brain and the head talk going on inside of it! On this week’s episode of the work IN to your workout, Jen interviews the brilliant… Read More

Radio Interview: How to Love Yourself to the Core

This week on The TKO show with Kara Ro we chat about the Core work IN/Workout workshop at Breathe Pilates and Fitness in Walkerville, ON. It’s important to do the RIGHT things postpartum when getting back into fitness because our deep… Read More

Podcast: What’s the point of journaling?

Were you ever into journaling, writing, poetry, pen-pals or imaginary play as a child? I dig deep into the what, why and how behind this important pillar of the FitMama Foundations™. This episode pleas with you to do the work… Read More