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Radio Interview: Drink Water!!

This week on the TKO show with Kara Ro, I talk about my world famous hydration tool, “Get 2 by 2” and how to increase the water you take in through a day.  I talk about the toxins… Read More

Radio Interview: Impact of water intake, how you can drink more and sleep

In this episode of The TKO Show with Kara Ro Kara interviews me about sleep and water, two of the least glamourous seeming elements of the 7 Pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ – but boy we make them fun!! I… Read More

Podcast: H2OK?

Water, weight loss, worrying – say what? Today I launch into a call to action reflecting my famous “2 by 2” rule tool for water intake and explain how water helps with weight loss. I suggest incredibly useful… Read More