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Positive Vibes

Vibessss ✨ What if instead of: 👉🏿Comparing, we congratulate? 👉🏿Anxiety, we awaken action? 👉🏿Lack, we more deeply love? 👉🏿Feeling worthless, we feel worthy? 👉🏿Separation, we create connection? ⚡️ Small shifts daily make massive impact. 🔥 Notice who and… Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make up the lenses through which we see our world😎 What stories are replaying for you? 👀 “I’m not good enough” “I’m not worth it” “It’s too hard” “It’ll never happen… Read More

New Year Goal Setting

It’s not even midway through January yet but it’s been more than enough days in to have you questioning whether that new year’s goal/resolution/intention was really something you wanted and were going to work for Did you tell… Read More