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Emotional Fitness

This can be one of the hardest tasks when you begin doing it because we’ve been conditioned and taught that it’s “selfish” to love ourselves. Or maybe you’ve heard it’s narcissistic. But, is it? 😳 Either way, science… Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make up the lenses through which we see our world😎 What stories are replaying for you? 👀 “I’m not good enough” “I’m not worth it” “It’s too hard” “It’ll never happen… Read More

Podcast: Routines for the win back to school

Tune in for your weekly dose of love from FitMama herself!  My wisdom on self-love and self-care keeps you on your feet and in the work IN to your workout today, I deliver the truth and love bombs… Read More

Podcast: Getting Your Body Back

This is one of the most common things FitMamas say they “want” when it comes to postpartum fitness and health goals. I go into what it really takes to “get your body back” and how it may be… Read More

Podcast: Going from Without to Within

FitMama, Do you feel lack? Feel not good enough or unworthy no matter what you do? So often we don’t stop to look around our life other than to compare ourselves, our bodies or our life situation with… Read More