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Podcast: A Purpose Driven Life with Dr. Meghan Walker

Our purpose, motivation, clarity, and direction in life are being confronted more than ever before during these unprecedented pandemic times. This week’s guest, one of the women I admire most on this planet, Dr. Meghan Walker, talks to… Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make up the lenses through which we see our world😎 What stories are replaying for you? 👀 “I’m not good enough” “I’m not worth it” “It’s too hard” “It’ll never happen… Read More

Podcast:  Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

This week I want to break it down into action (pun intended) packed tips and ideas to get you hot in the bedroom. I often have FitMamas who are not feeling sexy, their man or woman wants sex… Read More

Podcast: Routines for the win back to school

Tune in for your weekly dose of love from FitMama herself!  My wisdom on self-love and self-care keeps you on your feet and in the work IN to your workout today, I deliver the truth and love bombs… Read More

Radio Interview: “Self Care in Summer” When You’re Out of Your Routine?

Hey FitMama, This week I chat with Chris in place of Kara who is away for the week.  Chris and I discuss having fun on summer vacation and how to practice self-care with our kids around. Whether the routine is… Read More

Podcast: Being Honest with Yourself with Heather Chauvin

In this episode I ask Heather Chauvin, Mom, Coach, Speaker, and host of the Mom is in Control Podcast questions about the role of fitness and mindset in her life. I dive in deep with Heather about her concept, “energetic time… Read More

Podcast: Getting Your Body Back

This is one of the most common things FitMamas say they “want” when it comes to postpartum fitness and health goals. I go into what it really takes to “get your body back” and how it may be… Read More

Radio Interview: Jen Featured on The LA Radio Wellness Success Show

I got the opportunity to be a guest on The LA radio Wellness Success Show with Simon Gowen, a colleague and friend of mine in the industry. Simon has a wealth of knowledge and read my book and… Read More