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Mama’s off to rehab?

  I hear it all the time from FitMamas I speak with all over the world. They wish they had a better understanding of how to get back to feeling “normal” after having a baby.  You no longer… Read More

Post-Partum Belly Wrapping

Belly binding after having a baby is an age old practice, which was thought to be a dangerous one in the modern age. The fact is that it can be dangerous if done incorrectly. If everything is just… Read More

Breastfeeding and Nutrition

  Let food be thy medicine, and medicine, thy food. When it comes to finding an appropriate application for this quote by Hippocrates, I believe feeding our children may be one of the best. I am referring here specifically… Read More

Fitmama Workshop Coming to Windsor

This weekend! Only 5 spots left! This event will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of your core muscles. To strengthen your core, it is essential you retrain your pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth. Learn breathing… Read More