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Love Wins

Thanks to those who have written me about the podcast – I’ve been getting real deep and intimate in the latest 4 part sex series and I don’t hold back 😳 Episode 3 is here and then I… Read More

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 4 of 4: Sex talk with my Man Chris

  Today on the podcast, I interview my husband, Chris Oliver, Founder of and The Basketball Podcast. Chris and I have been married for almost a decade and today we get intimate about connection, communication, confidence and the evolution of… Read More

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 3 of 4: Absence, Anticipation, Absorption

This week I delve into how absence can in fact not only make the heart grow fonder, but also allow you some distance for things like sexting, which can be a great form of foreplay. Whether your spouse… Read More

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 1 of 4: Ask, Accept, Adjust

This week on the podcast I am sharing my Ask, Accept, Adjust model for better sex, greater communications, super satisfaction and ultimate closeness with your Spouse, King or Goddess. Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, uneasy… Read More

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 1 of 4: Opening Up

I hear so many different things from FitMamas when it comes to getting sexy with their spouses and this 4 part series is about breaking it down a little and seeing where you may be leaving pleasure on… Read More

Podcast:  Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

This week I want to break it down into action (pun intended) packed tips and ideas to get you hot in the bedroom. I often have FitMamas who are not feeling sexy, their man or woman wants sex… Read More