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Podcast:  Anchoring Habits begin TWOday

FitMama, this episode is a loving nudge in the direction of honoring you and creating daily habits that bring you peace, grounding and strength. Consistency in our desirable habits can be suspect when we have a million things… Read More

Podcast: How is change changing you?

Change is an inevitable part of life and yet one of the most feared things we encounter on our journeys. How do you adapt to change? How do disruptions in your routines and life affect your thoughts, habits, and… Read More

Podcast: Don’t try!

In this episode, I explain why the word “try” or “trying” is a dirty word when it comes to focusing on your health goals. If you are “trying” to do something it means that you are not doing it…. Read More

FitMama FitHabits

FitMama FitHabits are the Top 5 Habits of FitMamas! I hear this often…”I am not a FitMama, but maybe one day…” or “Well, I am not a FitMama, but I want to be,” or some version of that. If… Read More

21 Day Fly By, Make Them Count

Spring time is here! Even if it doesn’t completely feel like it yet, we are going to be taking off our layers and we want to feel lots of energy as we do so. Reset your mind and… Read More