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Ultimate Health

Have you considered what ultimate health is for you? Is it something you’ve decided on or is it what you’ve been told? If you aren’t already subscribed and listening to the wisdom that pours out of every episode… Read More

Radio Interview: Jen Featured on The LA Radio Wellness Success Show

I got the opportunity to be a guest on The LA radio Wellness Success Show with Simon Gowen, a colleague and friend of mine in the industry. Simon has a wealth of knowledge and read my book and… Read More

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is all about bringing the two sides of your abs back together safely, effectively and efficiently after having babies. At FitMama we are always talking about the first steps back to fitness postpartum and it begins… Read More

To Shrink, Don’t Overthink

To Shrink, Don’t Overthink are FitMamas Top 5 Ways to make being healthy more effortless. Let’s be honest here, who wants to spend all their time and brain power on getting and staying healthy? We are all wearing… Read More

FitMama FitHabits

FitMama FitHabits are the Top 5 Habits of FitMamas! I hear this often…”I am not a FitMama, but maybe one day…” or “Well, I am not a FitMama, but I want to be,” or some version of that. If… Read More

Exit the Excuse Train

Exit the Excuse Train! Once and for all. It is so easy to go through your days and weeks telling yourself or having chats with others and commiserating on the fact that you don’t have enough – enough… Read More

Birth Then Breathe

  What do I mean by “birth then breathe?” I hear it from new moms all the time, “What do I do to get my body back as quickly as possible?” Well, for starters, we are all very… Read More