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Interview With My Husband

I’m so excited to announce my interview on the FitMama Podcast with none other than my husband of almost 10 years, Chris @basketballimmersion Here’s our #10YearChallenge photo. I’m so grateful to have this guy in my life, he’s… Read More

Set boundaries to be present

Have you checked in with what’s keeping you from being present in your life? 👊🏽 Did you know the average person checks their phones in a day almost 200 times? 📲 Is that you? 😱 Feeling rushed, overwhelmed… Read More

Love Wins

Thanks to those who have written me about the podcast – I’ve been getting real deep and intimate in the latest 4 part sex series and I don’t hold back 😳 Episode 3 is here and then I… Read More

Positive Vibes

Vibessss ✨ What if instead of: 👉🏿Comparing, we congratulate? 👉🏿Anxiety, we awaken action? 👉🏿Lack, we more deeply love? 👉🏿Feeling worthless, we feel worthy? 👉🏿Separation, we create connection? ⚡️ Small shifts daily make massive impact. 🔥 Notice who and… Read More

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful ✨ Your daily reminder that so often the negativity we get caught up in day to day is more related to what we “think” things “should” be like and not accepting them for what they… Read More

Thoughts Become Things

Jumping for joy on South Beach in Miami enjoying a 3 day girls trip with 4 other inspiring women on incredible entrepreneurial adventures. 🏖 We came to celebrate our loving friend @nevianamaleyko and the 5 of us had an epic… Read More

New Year Goal Setting

It’s not even midway through January yet but it’s been more than enough days in to have you questioning whether that new year’s goal/resolution/intention was really something you wanted and were going to work for Did you tell… Read More

Never Stop Dreaming

What happened in your life that made you stop dreaming big? Episode 44 on the FitMama Podcast is all about the scarcity mindset that has infiltrated our lives. Tune in to hear the tips and tools #linkinbio that will… Read More

Positive Attitude

Feeling freedom!! Surrounded by beautiful humans and stunning landscapes… For over 3 years I struggled crippling back pain after NOT restoring my core postpartum and felt frustrated and trapped within my body for what felt like forever. It… Read More

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is all about bringing the two sides of your abs back together safely, effectively and efficiently after having babies. At FitMama we are always talking about the first steps back to fitness postpartum and it begins… Read More