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Emotional Fitness

This can be one of the hardest tasks when you begin doing it because we’ve been conditioned and taught that it’s “selfish” to love ourselves. Or maybe you’ve heard it’s narcissistic. But, is it? 😳 Either way, science… Read More

Motherhood Transformation

It’s easy to think that becoming a mom is just another stage of life that we phase into but…it’s not. 💞 It’s pure miracles and the greatest opportunity for personal growth ✨ Anyone who is mother even for… Read More

Ultimate Health

Have you considered what ultimate health is for you? Is it something you’ve decided on or is it what you’ve been told? If you aren’t already subscribed and listening to the wisdom that pours out of every episode… Read More

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is all about bringing the two sides of your abs back together safely, effectively and efficiently after having babies. At FitMama we are always talking about the first steps back to fitness postpartum and it begins… Read More