Sunset reflections

Sunset reflections

Sunset reflections

The sun has set on my 2 weeks away. I’m home for less than a week and gone for another 2 weeks.
I am so blessed and grateful for the life I’ve designed and get to live every day.

When I say “design” I don’t mean I have all the control.

But I do get to pick:

  • WHO I hang out with
  • WHAT I focus on
  • HOW I feel
  • WHERE I spend my energy
  • WHY I do what I do
  • And there’s no doubt I’ve got something right these days.
    Go with the flow and believe your time and space are of value.

    Goal for 2019:
    Watch more sunsets

    There’s something about seeing the sunset in all its glory day after day that makes you wonder why even a day can go by without you seeking it and admiring it.

    Love Jen

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