stretch to lower stress

Stretch to Lower Stress

Stretch to Lower Stress

Stretch to lower stress. Yes, you can! Stretch your body, relax your mind.

I hear it all the time, “I am so stressed!” “I don’t have time to exercise,” or “I don’t even know where to start, I am so tired from being a mom!”

It’s all good FitMama! Don’t stress about it.

Yes, activity is important and you know that I promote exercise like it’s going out of style – BUT, let me tell you, STRESS is keeping more belly fat around your midsection than lack of exercise most likely.

Take some time to just relax and stretch out your body. Stretching feels SO good. I guarantee it. Every single time a FitMama does my stretching video from the 28 Day FitBlitz Program, they say, “That felt so good, I need to do that more!” I know!! I know, trust me, I know.

Top 5 reasons to stretch:

  1. It increases blood flow and circulation (hello happy cells)! It will wake up both your mind and body.
  2. It improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injuries. Bye bye back pain, stiffness, soreness and the chance that you pull something while walking down the street after a long night with the littles.
  3. It can provide a calming break for your mind, helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Often we don’t realize how interconnected our minds and bodies really are. Releasing tension in one, releases tension in the other one.
  4. Improves posture and alignment, especially a good chest stretch out! This is so important as we often spend so much time hunched over holding and feeding our babies, driving, computing or texting.
  5. It keeps your muscles active – especially your glutes. We sit for so many hours each day and our glutes can become so weak and inactive that we don’t even recruit them properly even when we walk. This can lead to all sorts of problems (and can be both a symptom and a consequence of a weak core), so get them stretching! 

When is the best time to stretch?

Well, as my answer with most “When is the best time” questions, it is “whenever you make time for it” but – there really is a BEST time to stretch, in the evening before bed.

While we sleep (broken or solid sleep) our brains map our bodies and send messages back and forth. We have sort of like a mirror image of our bodies imprinted on our minds. If we stretch early in the day, then we can go through the day with a different map than what is the reality of our newly stretched out bodies. This can sometimes lead to an increased risk of injury – another reason why you don’t want to do static stretching (holding a stretch) before a workout. 

For the most part though, do not worry too much about the “when” unless you are an a high level athlete. Just stretch when you can! Doing it is the most important thing, so make time each day and stretch it out!

Turn on some relaxing music, dim the lights and stretch out your beautiful body by following along with me in this FitBlitz Stretching Video. Both your mind and your body will thank you.

Let me know how it goes!!


Love Jen                                                                      

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