Side Lying Safe Move (SLSM)

Side Lying Safe Move (SLSM)

Side Lying Safe Move (SLSM)


Side Lying Safe Move (SLSM) is the way to save your core.

Did you know that increased intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) is what largely contributes to core injuries and dysfunction? Did you know there are ways to avoid increasing IAP?

IAP is a natural consequence of pregnancy – after all, there is no better way to increase the pressure in your abdomen than by growing a human in there.

One of the most common consequences of increased IAP is Diastasis Recti (DR). Diastasis is the thinning of the linea alba, the fascia connecting the two sides of your rectus abdominis, causing them to move further apart to make space for the growing baby. DR can be thought of as a separation of the superficial abs, which requires time for healing postpartum. Diastasis is nothing to fear, it is a natural consequence of pregnancy but it is important to not make the DR worse than it needs to be. Postpartum belly wrapping (done right) can help heal a diastasis faster, check out my post on that HERE.

I highly recommend that ab tank/belly wrap system created by Bellies Inc that can be found HERE.

One of the major causes of IAP is the forward flexion movement of crunches and sit-ups, which is why I advocate for avoiding these moves – especially while healing your core after baby. Until you have fully rehabilitated and restored your core anatomy and function, I would be very cautious to avoid all crunches, sit-ups, v-sits, Russian twists, leg raises and any other moves that increase IAP.

By doing this move I demonstrate in the video below, you will create no increase in your IAP and therefore not cause more harm to your core.

If you can practice this move every time you get in and out of bed (especially if pregnant), or every time you get up from lying on the ground playing with your kids, you will significantly reduce the IAP you create with sit-ups.

Remember, after the first trimester of pregnancy, you don’t want to be lying on your back at all anyway, so push up using the strength of your arms, NOT your abs. This will stop you from doing multiple sit-ups per day inadvertently as you get in and out of bed (to pee during the night perhaps!?)

Let me know if you have any questions about this!



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