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Self Love Meditation

Self Love Meditation


Self Love Meditation is a short audio guided mediation I created for Day 4 of our #25DaysOfMindfulness Challenge in the FitMama Facebook Group.

Taking time during the holidays for meditation, mindfulness and self love is key to getting through this time of year without losing it.

We cater to everyone else’s needs all year around and we are often in heightened demand during December, so this audio will remind you to just slow it all down and BREATHE. The single most important and loving act towards yourself is to give yourself the gift of air!

Breathing will naturally relax your nervous system, which can often be in overdrive during this time of year.

Take 5-10 minutes for self love today and create some space for you and some deep breaths.

Listen here as I guide you along:

It is so important for you to tend to your own needs and not put yourself last on the list…we all know we are better moms and parents when we do.

Some quickie ways to cultivate self love in your days:

  • Breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes in a quiet place (yes this can be in your bed or in the bath! But stay awake!)
  • Wake up 30 minutes before your kids get up. This one sets the tone for your day like nothing else. Even if you are tired, starting your day with some calm instead of jumping up out of bed in reactive mode will change the course of your whole day.
  • Get to bed early! I know it is your only quiet time in the day sometimes after the kids go to bed, so definitely take some you time to read your favourite book, lie on the couch and catch up on your cleaning or prep – BUT, I encourage you to get as much of that done while the kids are awake and then I always say “head to bed!” it makes a world of difference to lay your head on the pillow before 9 or 10 pm and just relax.


Love Jen

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