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Rock Your Routine

Rock Your Routine

It’s so common that we create these intricate, fabulous and detailed routines for our families, or specifically our babies, but we don’t create that same kind of routine mentality for ourselves.

It’s so vital though.

All the statistics talk about how important it is to have the regularity and routine. The exercise psychology data shows that the best time to workout is the time you are most likely to do it. It’s not about fitting yourself into a box. The data also shows that creating routines around your exercise and making it consistent is vital. At FitMama we talk about moving your body everyday. It’s not just about going to the gym five days a week, or boot camping it up or cross fit three times a week or whatever. It’s just about creating routine for yourself. What happens when we do this is it becomes like brushing your teeth.

We don’t wake up in the morning and decide not to brush our teeth because we did it yesterday. We just do it because it’s part of our routine.

It’s vital to take care of yourself, and creating a routine makes it a no brainer. These kinds of habit routines are what take the thinking aspect out of it, to make it just automatic. It makes sure that you actually follow through with the goal you are working to achieve.

How do you create a routine?

I am going to help you with that. When you have kids it becomes so much more important that you create a routine around the demands of your life that ensures that you do what it takes to care for yourself. How are you going to find those windows of opportunity?

  1. PRIORITIZE – It’s about getting clear on what it is that you want. What is the most important thing for you? Yes, our babies and children are important. We can easily get into the habit of reactively living our lives and dealing with whatever comes at us as it comes at us. We really need to focus to proactively go after what we want. Being a mom automatically comes with tons of responsibilities, and if we don’t claim our space and our time it’s going to get eaten up by all those loving people in our lives that we need to nurture. All our time can easily get eaten up though, leaving our needs neglected. Years and years can go by. I am sure you have realized that time seems to fly. So, after your kids, what’s next? What do you want to prioritize for your health and well being on all levels? It really helps to write them down.
  2. PREPARE – If we want to get up in the morning and meditate, or go to the gym or drink a coffee in peace and quiet, we need to prepare. If you baby gets up at 8, then in order to get up at 7, you need to get your clothes into the bathroom the evening before, set the coffee pot to auto and set your alarm. This puts it into automatic mode and takes the thinking component right out of it. Then you are much less likely to talk yourself out of it. When you prioritize, you set the foundation. Preparation makes it happen.
  3. POSITION YOURSELF – Sounds a bit technical, but stick with me. When you position yourself for success, it’s more likely that you will succeed. We can easily position ourselves for no success. We do this by not preparing and not getting to bed early enough and letting the thousand other things get in the way. This leads to years of not taking care of yourself. When you position yourself for success, it’s about setting yourself up to be successful. It’s about pencilling it in to your agenda. You set yourself up for success by positioning yourself as a priority.

    It takes some time to practice this. It’s not normal for us, not the way we are conditioned in our society. We are taught to take care of everyone else before ourselves. This is about taking back that space. It’s those daily routines that truly reflect our lives.

How do you find creating routines has worked for you? Is this a concept you are implementing or still figuring out how to do. Share in the comments below or online at the FitMama Facebook group!


Love Jen

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