Radio Interview: Emotional Eating

Radio Interview: Emotional Eating

Radio Interview: Emotional Eating

This week I got to chat with Kara about The Love FitMama Way Book launch Party happening in Toronto.

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I would love to celebrate with you and your FitMama friends and look forward to connecting with you personally.

You will receive two books (they make amazing Mother’s Day and baby shower gifts!) and open bar plus snacks and connections.

This week’s radio conversation with Kara Ro dove deep into unexpected signs of emotional eating.

Are you consistently stopping at the drive thru? Are you always reaching for a glass of wine to unwind or a coffee to start the day.

These are often psychological addictive connections we make and reinforce while taking care of our day to day duties.

Mindless habit forming, if you will.

They begin with us using these habits as strategies to cope with the stresses and emotions we feel.

Tune in for more HERE


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