Prepare To Push™

Prepare To Push™

Prepare To Push™

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of MAMA'S OFF TO-2Prepare To Push™ is the newly released book by Kim Vopni, who is also aptly named the “fitness doula.”

This informative book, is aimed at educating pregnant women about the importance of prevention in pregnancy.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Kim about her new book and she gives us the low down on all the goodness inside.

JO: What is the main focus of Prepare To Push™?

KV: “It focuses on the pelvic floor and abdomen – the 2 most greatly affected parts of the body in pregnancy and birth. With the right knowledge about core exercise, birth positions and recovery, women can enjoy motherhood with a body they feel confident in.”

JO: Why did you create this book?

KV: “I took preventive measures in my own pregnancies and shared them with friends. The more I shared, the more I realized how little women know. I have since learned a lot more and I am shocked that so much important information is left out of common prenatal courses, books and healthcare visits. I needed a platform to reach as many women as possible and a book seemed like the best plan.”

JO: What do you think is the reason why more people aren’t informed about their pelvic floor?

KV: “I believe there are several reasons: One is that the pelvic floor is a ‘taboo topic’ for many so it is kept hush hush and not talked about. Another reason is that many health care professionals feel it creates fear by talking about the pelvic floor to pregnant women. I, on the other hand, believe that information is power and allows women to make informed choices in their pregnancies and births. A third reason is that it has typically been an ‘old age’ topic and as a result women don’t understand the importance of it when they are young and healthcare professionals don’t focus on the prevention but rather on ‘fixing a problem’.”

JO: Why should women buy this book?

KV: “The book is easy to read, touches on critical information left out of other prenatal education and gives women a plan for birth and a plan for recovery. It is a no-nonsense approach to prevention and empowering women to prepare their body. Every pregnant women needs to know this to be truly informed and to make the best choices for their bodies, their births and their healing.”

JO: What are three myths about the pelvic floor (and core) that you debunk in this book?

KV: “1. Everyone must do kegels – MYTH

2. After you have kids it is normal to leak when you laugh or jump – MYTH

3. The abdominal wall and the pelvic floor are 2 separate parts of the body and are treated differently – MYTH”

JO: “Oh…that is very worth getting the book for, FitMamas…such key information, thanks Kim!”

JO: What is the one thing women tell you they wish they knew before they met you?

KV: “I wish I had known you when I had my kids’ or ‘where were you when I was pregnant.’ If I had a dollar for every woman who tells me that, I would be a wealthy mama! I hear women tell me all the time that they wish they had known this information. Of note is that I also hear from second time moms saying ‘I wish I had listened to you in my first pregnancy. I thought I would be fine.’ Society as a whole is reactive – everyone is keen to fix a problem if it is there but not everyone is keen to prevent a problem from happening in the first place. I am trying to change that mindset so that women appreciate the importance of prevention and pass along the message to others.”

JO: What is the one thing you want women to get out of this book?

KV: “An understanding of their body and an appreciation of the need to honour the process of pregnancy and birth so they enjoy their pregnancy, feel empowered in their birth and can return to the activities they love with strength and confidence.”

JO: What other products/services do you have for pregnant and postpartum women?

KV: “The main product I sell is the EPI-NO – I used this in my pregnancies and it is how I first learned about the pelvic floor. I also do consultations and workshops for pregnant women and their partners. Postpartum, I do core restoration on an individual basis using restorative exercise and the hypopressive method. In my other business, Bellies Inc, we sell a product called the AB Tank Complete System that supports the philosophy of Prepare To Push™. Our system is core exercise for pregnancy, the AB Tank and Wrap to wear in the first 8 weeks postpartum and restorative core exercise for recovery.”

JO: “This is great, thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous knowledge with us! Where can FitMamas buy your book and find you online?”

KV: “The book can be purchased at my site: and I am on Facebook @pelviennewellness and @belliesinc. On Twitter and Instagram, I am @fitnessdoula and @belliesinc.”

FitMamas, go get Kim Vopni’s new book and let us know what you think! Knowledge is power and you are sure to get your share of both in this incredible book Prepare To Push™


Love Jen


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