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Power Up Your Rehab!

Power Up Your Rehab!

Continuing on from our last blog on Rehab I want to break down how those three important R’s help you attain true deep core rehab.

What is rehab


Retrain + reframe = persistence on our own journey. This is your journey, no one else’s. You are working to retrain your own core, reframe things for yourself and this will allow you to persist over the long term.

Retrain + regain = pursue different things. When you were so caught up in bootcamp before pregnancy, maybe you never even thought about pilates or yoga. Before baby you loved running, did you ever consider walking?

Reframe + regain = patience. You can have patience with your journey. When you have reframed your mindset, you can be patient with the pace of your recovery. You know that you are doing the right thing and if you stick to it you will fully recover. You know you are in it for the long game. We are clear that we want to still be able to play when we are 80 with our grandkids.

At the bottom of all of that is REHABILITATION, the centre of it all; YOU. Your health, your well being, your longevity. These aren’t things you want to neglect and ignore for 25 years until your kids leave home and you finally realize, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”

I was a trainer for years and I trained people even 65 and older who are still suffering from back pain and incontinence like we do postpartum, years and years later after 2 or 3 bladder suspension surgeries that didn’t work. If you can take the time now to really internalize no pain, all gain, it’s going to pay dividends for you for years to come.

There’s so much you can do, and it’s fun. It’s about taking care of YOU, in a safe manner.

The top 3 recommendations I make to all Fitmamas;

1.Go see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. This is a specialized physio for the pelvic floor muscle group who is fully educated in pre and postpartum pelvic health. They will do an internal exam and will recommend some internal work for you to get those muscles working properly again. This is a hidden gem for you. When you discover it, and see this person who can help you and tell you what’s really going on down there, they will give you so much power back. They will explain everything. Trust me, they will be like your new best friend. Looking one up in your area is as simple as hitting up google. If you do have a hard time, please contact us at FitMama and we will help connect you with one. We can’t check your pelvic floor for you, but we will happily connect you with local resources.

2. Look into Belly Binding. If you are less than 8-10 weeks postpartum. Understand what it is, and how to do it correctly. It CAN BE DONE INCORRECTLY and this causes pain, discomfort and serious issues. Find out how to do it so it heals, but does not injure. We have recommendations at FitMama and on our YouTube Channel on how to do this properly with a simple tensor bandage. There are definitely more high tech versions (like this one we LOVE) and they are great, it just depends on what you want to spend. Belly binding can be great for you, it’s simply vital that you understand how to do it correctly. It can be super helpful during the first 8-10 weeks postpartum, after that it declines in effectiveness. ***If you are beyond 8-10 weeks pp, then begin by starting daily Core Breathing immediately.

3. Core Rehab! This involves many different things. The first thing we talk about is Core Breathing, this is breathing in the natural way that your deep inner core most effectively functions that changes when you’re pregnant.

All the retraining, reframing and regaining, it’s all leading you to find a rehab program or protocol that works for you.

You can combine lots of different programs and routines that you can find online. We have our own here at FitMama and you can find out more about that by joining the group or contacting us personally to find out what is best for you depending on the stage that you are at now.

Have you rehabbed? Share below or online in our FitMama Facebook Group. 


Love Jen

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