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Power Up The Possibilities

Power Up The Possibilities

Creating successful routines
To continue on from our last blog post about routine, it’s amazing how when we follow the 3 Ps, things just start to happen naturally.

When we prioritize and prepare we get into that focused place where we know we have a goal and we know what it will take to achieve it. Yeah, we are going to get thrown off track, and miss workouts, and do random things, but it’s about the majority of the time. Being focussed into what you want. It’s not hardcore, like you are being tested or graded, but it IS on you.   When you can get clear about what you want and prepare for it, you have the focus that you need to have the attention to go for what you want. Your family will benefit from you feeling amazing.

When you prioritize and position yourself as that priority it allows you to follow through. You position it that this is your priority, you have prepared so that you are positioned for success, and then are able to just follow through. You just go through the motions.

The third piece is when you prepare and position yourself, you get into that state of flow. We don’t always have to rely on that willpower which is a limited resource, it’s about prioritizing, preparing and positioning yourself so that you get into the flow. I call it the FitMama Flow. It’s that place where things seem to feel easy. We always think it has to be hard in order for it to be worth it. We let other people’s thoughts about this infiltrate our thoughts but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Feeling fit and energized and excited can be easy if you practice and follow these steps to create that routine then you can get into that Fitmama Flow.

So the 3 things that I am going to suggest to you today will get you into that flow. These will help you create those habits that take you from needing will power to implement to it just being part of your daily routine to move, or do whatever it is that you have set your intention to do. It can be sitting and creating that mindfulness practice.

You will notice that the days you don’t do it, you will feel differently than those other days.

Here we go:

  1. Schedule it in – Yes, I mean like you would a doctor’s appointment. Instead of seeing a specialist, you are making an appointment with the specialist within you to take care of you. You’re appointment with yourself and hands down, the most important appointment you will make. Schedule it in and make sure you do it everyday. Carve the time out.
  2. Surround yourself with like minded people – Yes, it is true. The stats are out there show that the five people that we spend the most time with most strongly influence how we think, what we do and what we say. Take stock. Who are those people for you? How are they influencing you? Are the lifting you up and helping you become what you want to become? Or are they dragging you down? Making you engage in behaviours you don’t really like? Remember no one can make you do anything, but they are influencing you. You will notice that when you hang out with certain people, you feel crappy. When you hang out with others, you feel better. Hang out with those that make you feel better. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who share similar goals and values as yourself, that help you, keep you encouraged and keep you motivated on your path. Life is journey, not a destination. Anyone that tells you that it’s a destination is fooling themselves. They are telling themselves that when they get “there” they will be fulfilled, happy, a better person. It’s not the case. Every single day of your life is a reflection of your entire life. Surrounding yourself with people who get you and support you is really important.
  3. Supporting Someone Else – It seems kind of unorthodox, I know. You think, “if we aren’t doing something consistently ourselves yet how can we help someone else?” But ask yourself this: What do you want to do more consistently? Who do you love hanging out with who has similar goals? Who of those people can you help support on their journey? It’s about supporting someone else in their goals that will boost you up and ensure you stick to your own goals. You won’t feel good about checking in with that person if you haven’t stuck to your own commitment to your priorities that week. It helps keep you motivated and accountable.

So get out there, do some stuff, have some fun and create some routines. And remember that it’s those day to day habits that are really going to be what your life looks like at the end of the day.

Have a great day Fitmama!

See you online.


Love Jen

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