What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 2

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 2

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 2

FitMama, this episode is steamy and eye-popping! Tune in to hear my shares from tantra and my suggestions for ways you can connect more deeply with yourself and your “person.”

Safety is the key to pleasure IMO and I share all the details about why and how in this episode. My man has made me feel so safe and I am so grateful for him!

We are wired as women to open up ONLY when we feel safe, let me help you with this!

I share some intimate personal details about my experiences and also share the last 3 of 6 “takeaways” from the tantra retreat my hubby and I attended in Northern Cali on Valentine’s day before staying home became a way of life.

Humming and sounding
Receiving only/giving only
Creating rituals, planning for it, making time for each other!

I share some key people I have learned from and you can too:

Kaleidoscope group – Alexa Martinez
Kenneth Play
Betty Dodson – Goop series on Netflix
Kim Anami – I love her Instagram great lessons
Hitachi magic wand vibrator

I chat about building anticipation by messaging on What’s App, I have my “How to Worship your man” video, setting up special times for you, breathing to elongate and get deeper orgasms,

I talk playing with a soft on vs. a hard-on and how to have fun with it all. Soft, squishy, in mouth, hands, playing in pants – remembering some things you did when you first got together, be playful FitMama!!

Licking cock – have fun with it! Enjoy! Admire.

Take the time to stop while you have a chance and admire your person! Look at them and REALLY compliment them! Really look.

Wishing you and your beautiful yoni some Fun FitMama! Your man/woman/person is waiting for you to open up and enjoy some deep loving.

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Love Jen

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