What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 1

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 1

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 1

Tantra is the art of conscious loving.

My husband and I recently went on a retreat weekend to learn this art in more detail and it was very sexy.

Being present was definitely one of the biggest takeaways and it seems so simple…yet is profound.

Today I dive right into how Tantra really is about bringing a deeper, more present connection to your partnership or partnerships, whoever and however that works for you in your life.

It’s about being there, when you are having sex, leading up to sex, when you are pleasuring yourself or you’re other really anytime. Because if you’re not present, and if you’re not fully surrendering and instead of thinking about the bills, the kids and all the to-do’s, you know it kills the pleasure you’re able to receive and give.

I truly believe, as you know, that sex and self-care, self-pleasure and all the things surrounded by your sexuality are one of the FitMama Foundations and the absolute most important things that can contribute to you being a FitMama for life. If we are not comfortable within our body, and within our sex and feeling somewhat confident at connecting with our partner in a sexual way, we are not in our fullest expression of ourselves.

I go into ideas like eye-contact, touching chakras and breathing as well as talk about being closed, filled with stories of guilt or shame related to our sex and so much more! Don’t miss this wildly exciting episode that will open you up to new possibilities for yourself.

You know I love talking about this and there’s so much more to talk about still. I talk about this stuff with my clients and I know more people have questions about this because I just do the same thing right now it’s 2020 and I don’t think sexual education is even that much better than it was 30 years ago when I first “learned” and then 21 years ago when I began “practicing.”

Please share this episode with a friend, your partner or mom friends who you know will love it and benefit!

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