The Ultimate Journey with Marni Wasserman

Podcast: The Ultimate Journey with Marni Wasserman

Podcast: The Ultimate Journey with Marni Wasserman

This episode will give you a peek into the life and experience of Marni Wasserman with her current pregnancy, how she got to where she is now as a co-host to one of the most downloaded podcasts in the health space.

Marni is a Real Food and Real Life Nutritionist and Podcast Co-Host of The Ultimate Health Podcast. Her life is rooted in healthy eating and healthy living. She is also the author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet for Dummies.​​​​​​​

In this episode, we will talk about trusting her intuition in being a mom someday, her birth plans and program and going to detail her pregnancy phase. Also, we discuss her visualization for her Birth-Day and how she talks about birth positively.​​​​​​​

She will also discuss as to why she quit dietetics and switched into studying holistic nutrition, how that led to teaching cooking classes in her own food studio and how her and now husband Jesse, started their own podcast and took it from a hobby to a full-time job.

Tune in to her podcast The Ultimate Health Podcast, where they will discuss ways to bring your health and wellness to the next level weekly. Here is the direct link to her incredible recipe book, A Real Treat.

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