Mindset Mastery with Dr. Shyamala KiruDaily Routines for the 2020 WIN

Podcast: Daily Routines for the 2020 WIN

Podcast: Daily Routines for the 2020 WIN

Hey FitMama as we embark on a new decade we can look back and see that the last one flew by and so much happened!

I jump into all these clichés and New Year’s Resolution talk in this episode and give you a focus around ROUTINES.

My TWO Day Goal Getting sheet sets you up for success and I recommend creating a DAILY ROUTINE that you are excited about.

I talk about when to focus but also when NOT to focus. What happy fun positive habits can you incorporate into your daily and weekly routine this month?

Break it down!

I talk about beginning with one year from today and writing a letter to your future and past self.

It’s focused on forgiveness, compassion, self-care and the 7 pillars of the FitMama Foundations.

Small, Daily routines. I talk about Routines in Chapter 8 and throughout The Love FitMama Way book – get your copy HERE.

Come hang in the FitMama Group and stay on track with our weekly and monthly focus challenges.

Hugs and LOVE for 2020 to remember. DM me your goals on Instagram and share this episode with a friend!

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Love Jen

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