Taking a Stand for You

Podcast: Taking a Stand for You

Podcast: Taking a Stand for You

FitMama, I jump into this one head first asking where in your life you are wanting to take a stand for yourself.

I truly believe we are not taught to do this and not taught that it is ok to stand for what we truly believe in, or what’s best for ourselves.

I was always worrying what other people would think of me if stood up for something I believed in and that held me back.

Now, as a mom, wife, friend, community member, and entrepreneur, more than ever I am finding this to be a need. Setting boundaries, setting in motion things that I know to be best, even without the upfront evidence that they are what is needed.

I have hid my true feelings and known my truth the be something different than what I have conformed to.

This series of questions helps me (and I do this with clients!) to get to the real strength I need to dig deep and take a stand for something that I truly want in this life.

Fear not voicing your needs, opinions and truth, you are here as a beacon of light for those who will inevitably follow your lead FitMama.

Stand strong for YOU, your family, your truth.

Ask these of yourself in the process:

  1. What do I really want here?
  2. How much do I really want it?
  3. What will the sacrifices be to make it come to reality?
  4. How will I cope/manage?
  5. Where and who will I turn to in the tough times?

Tune in now to hear what I suggest around long term and short term gains/pains.

You got this FitMama, don’t let yourself and your loved ones down because you fear what others will think.

Stand for what’s true for you and be strong because it’s something you really want.

Release self-doubt and stand strong! Send me a note on social or book in to chat NOW!

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Love Jen

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