Busy Mom Workout Schedule

Podcast: Busy Mom Workout Schedule

Podcast: Busy Mom Workout Schedule

I chat about the where, when, how, what, who and WHY in this episode all designed to help you with your own personal busy mom workout schedule.

I share the 3 most important things and discuss them in detail, things such as:

  • What does a home workout involve?
  • How do I choose strength or cardio, which one is better?
  • What other aerobic things can I do, I hate running?
  • Why makes HIIT so effective and how do I fit that in?

I ask you, what motivates you, and we go into your WHY. Dig deep with me FitMama in this episode as I share active living suggestions, and share the value and essence of creating a schedule, following a program, getting social support, we are NOT alone!! We are social creatures and whether it’s an app or a real-life coach, get yourself something that works for you. ​​​​​​​

Make moving your body part of your family time. Take the family for a hike or go play tennis or basketball at the local park. Moving with your family creates a shared experience and shows them how you value physical activity. ​​​​​​​

A love for movement is a lifelong skill they will appreciate having been taught. ​​​​​​​

Haven’t downloaded the 8 Day Fitness Challenge and started home workouts yet yourself?

Do this simple anywhere workout NOW.

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Love Jen

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