From Movement to Microbiome with Dr. Shalini Bhat

Podcast: From Movement to Microbiome with Dr. Shalini Bhat

Podcast: From Movement to Microbiome with Dr. Shalini Bhat

Dr. Shalini Bhat is dedicated functional medicine professional with a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. She is the founder of the The Movement Boutique in Toronto, a next generation wellness clinic and designer of programs that are designed to help people achieve optimal wellness through moving, feeling and looking better. She has designed a workout method, a treatment method using acupuncture, fascial release and nutrition, and now has three functional medicine programs including her 21-day Clean Gut Detox.

After going through her own personal health challenges that western medicine wasn’t able to re-mediate, she developed a passion for functional medicine eventually becoming a certified practitioner to help others be empowered through achieving their own health and wellness goals. At her private practice, her treatments focus on providing patients with a road-map to moving, feeling and looking their best. She works with people who have been told they are normal, as classified by their doctor, and are looking to take their health to new heights, cutting through all the noise and trends on the internet and bringing her patients the most relevant info for their body, mind and microbiome.

Her three programs:

Website – FREE on our homepage join our “Two Weeks to a Better You” Program

The Vitality Collective – group in-person functional medicine program starts Oct 7

Clean Gut Detox – virtual 21-day program starts Oct 15

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