82: Diet Culture: “Weight-ism”

Podcast: Diet Culture: “Weight-ism”

Podcast: Diet Culture: “Weight-ism”

This week I am diving into the diet culture and what exactly it is.

So many of us don’t realize how we are perpetuating and playing into this idea that “thin is in” or “overweight is unhealthy.”

When I looked up weight-ism, I found this definition:

“This bias, judgment, stigma, prejudice, and discrimination toward individuals based on their size, shape, or weight is known as weightism. Most of the research regarding weightism has been conducted on obesity and overweight individuals because of the related public health concerns.”

I dive into what the diet culture is and how so many of us represent it without knowing it. I didn’t even know I was buying in.

I have been shamed online for being not fat enough to understand the body positivity movement or what it means to be up against the “weight stigma,” which I disagree with wholeheartedly. I totally understand.

I talk in this episode about the difference between outer and inner weight stigma and how this relates to weight loss, dieting, food choices, how we speak to ourselves and more.

Have food pushers in your life? Did you growing up?

How did others make you feel?

It’s time to take your power back FitMama!

Acknowledge whether it’s your own or other’s goals, wishes and values that you are behaving based on.

Make it your OWN!

Begin with Love, FitMama

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Love Jen

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