81: How to get Yourself to do Things you “Hate”

Podcast: How to get Yourself to do Things you “Hate”

Podcast: How to get Yourself to do Things you “Hate”

Get Perspective FitMama! This is what I have been talking about lately with so many FitMamas I work with.

What you tell yourself makes a huge difference and I go into details how.

These are some Weak/Weasel words Dave Asprey of Bulletproof movement says:

  • Can’t
  • Need
  • Bad
  • Try

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree

Stop using these words FitMama!!

This episode I go into Will power again and how it’s like a muscle. Train it!

I go into how.

Things do get easier – create routines!

Keep your eye on the big goal

Gamify it and give yourself points to Treat YoSelf!!

  • Find foods you love that serve you
  • Find activities you love that make you sweat
  • Do these all with people you love

How much more fun are things in life when we do it with others?

Once upon a time the only reason why we:

  • Tried drinking coffee and wanted to like it
  • Tried drinking alcohol and wanted to like it

It was because it was a connection point with other people.

Now it’s like, “I want to have a social life, I cannot give up these things!!”

“Or I love food!”

“Or I hate exercise!”

These are just myths, lies and excuses you’ve told yourself.

Life is long, nothing needs to be given up – especially forever.

I talk about letting go of toxic people, toxic environments, toxic foods.

These will all make you feel so horrible but they will be the last things you want to part with – because they are your comfort.

Make your new comfort you. Make your new comfort feeling good.

Make your new comfort the knowing that you are looking out for number one, not giving into everyone’s expectations of you.

Brendan Burchard on freedom:

“People want to know and express themselves fully”

We talk Inner demons & Outer demons.

Focus on: Long term GAINS, Not what you have to give up in the short term.

3 steps to doing things you “hate” but are good for you:

  1. Small steps and Consistency
  2. Gamify it/Do with friend or coach
  3. Visualize and journal creating a clear picture of future


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Love Jen

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