78: Freedom Part 3 of 4

Podcast: Freedom Part 3 of 4

Podcast: Freedom Part 3 of 4

This week I jump right into talking about our freedom to create a feeling without having to actually do, be or have the thing we think will give us the feeling.

I talk about the freedom of buying bigger clothes and the freedom of not caring what size things actually are.

Are you too preoccupied with superficial things that you’re missing out on the freedom of being comfortable?

Starting to dissipate the energy and emotion around food, your body, the hyper-focus and the negativity will begin to bring you back into a balanced place of true freedom, where nothing can hold you back FitMama!

Get ready to the innercise here to create your own magic moment, as I offer you through a visualization and opportunity to create a feel-good feeling that is available to you any day, anytime.

Don’t forget to go back and listen to both 1 and 2 parts of this 4 part series.

Next week’s episode is some actionable steps to more freedom in your life!!

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Love Jen

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