Freedom Part 2 of 4

Podcast: Freedom Part 1 of 4

Podcast: Freedom Part 1 of 4

In this episode is delving into the topic of freedom and what freedom really means to me.

I talk self-control, idealizing and fantasizing about freedom, what my earliest goals as a human were, and how freedom can both cripple you and set you free.

I get into the power struggle that lies in a mere moment of fear vs. freedom.

Can someone make you feel a certain way?

Do you let it happen?

Are you giving your power away with each interaction or can you claim back your freedom?

I discuss how the key elements of true freedom come from setting boundaries, clarifying your priorities and living by your VALUES.

Your values make up the foundation of your freedom.

This is just the beginning of our 4 part series into freedom, one of the highest values of so many FitMamas, including myself.

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