Honoring You

Podcast: Honoring You.

Podcast: Honoring You.

This episode is a call to you FitMama to dive into your frustration, anger or resentment towards others (okay, maybe towards yourself) and peel back the layers to see where you may in fact not be honoring others at all because you’re not honoring you.

We so often think we are “doing everything for everyone,” or it “always goes this way,” but we don’t see the role we play in the whole event.

I teach you the new LBD in this episode:

This new LBD will have you strutting your stuff, living a life you love in a body you love.

Desiring (deeply)
This is the recipe for you staying motivated to live your best life and ensure that those in your life closest to you are taken care of – because of course, you are being well taken care of!

This is a simple yet not always easy plan to follow.

I know you FitMama and no matter how hard you think it is, it’s easier than you think.

I got you.

You got you.

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Love Jen

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