Pain Freedom with Janna Arsenault

Podcast: Pain Freedom with Janna Arsenault

Podcast: Pain Freedom with Janna Arsenault

This week on the FitMama Podcast, I am introducing you to one of my all-time favourite people, the Pain Freedom Expert herself, Janna Arsenault.

Janna has been a literal godsend to me and there was a time I didn’t think I would ever get over my back pain caused by an injury from a weak core that I wasn’t taking care of or protecting properly in a time of need (postpartum).

What was even deeper than the physical pain, was the emotional pain that bubbled to the surface during this dark time in my journey and kept me there until Janna came along. Janna was the ray of sunshine and wisdom that pumped life and hope back into my experience of healing.

Janna is the Pain Freedom Expert. As a coach, teacher and intuitive pain specialist, she helps busy women with chronic back pain gain hope, results, and freedom. What she is most passionate about is teaching women how to heal their pain through their emotions so they become their own pain whisperer and live a pain-free thriving life.

If you have ever had chronic pain, you know it is debilitating to the point of ruining your all day, everyday existence.

Janna did it fact bring hope back to me and she led me on a journey of self-discovery that ended up being the reason why I needed to hurt my back, to gain a closer connection to myself.

My interview with Janna digs deep and I know you and others you know will benefit in myriad ways learning her philosophy.

Find a new level of freedom in your own life by following her Signature 4 Second Freedom Breath™ or join in on the conversation in her loving Facebook Group, Pain Freedom Method. Find her on Facebook and Instagram

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