Emotional Fitness

Podcast: Emotional Fitness

Podcast: Emotional Fitness

What does emotional fitness look like?

Do you think you are emotionally fit?

I do an investigation into what this means for me, and how this is connected to our daily experience.

Whether we go to the gym or not, or fuel our bodies well more depends on our emotions and mindset and how we approach each moment we enter into.

Often we are in our heads about what things should and shouldn’t look like and we think and act in the past or future, giving little mind to the present.

Are you stressed, having emotional outbursts, or stuck in unworthiness?

Our emotional fitness is tied to our feelings of lack, fear, and negativity and we can feel stuck in an old trauma pattern.

Are you reacting out of an old pattern playing out or are you responding to the present moment?

Harness your emotional fitness through innercise and handle your life from a place of abundance and resilience even when things feel hard.

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