Baby Bod with Marianne Ryan, PT

Podcast: Baby Bod with Marianne Ryan, PT

Podcast: Baby Bod with Marianne Ryan, PT

This week’s episode is with Marianne Ryan, a pelvic floor physical therapist and an awarding winning author of Baby Bod, a Groundbreaking Program for Pregnant and Postpartum women that bridges the gap between medical care and fitness advice.

As you know, I am always encouraging FitMamas to go to Pelvic Floor Physio, and Marianne has been doing this for over 30 years.

She recently did an interview about how Meghan Markle (and all pregnant Mamas) could prepare for birth. We talked about an incontinence issue I was having and between the recording and release of this I have already noticed an improvement in the symptom!! She is a wise and very experienced PT.

Marianne shares details in this episode about how to support a prolapse, diastasis recti (DR), back issues or other deep core dysfunctions and how and why the US has one of the highest maternal death rates among developed countries.

Marianne Ryan is the clinical director of MRPT Physical Therapy based in midtown Manhattan and a former spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Shas taught at both Columbia University and NYU and has been a guest lecturer and taught the Baby Bod Method in the US and Asia.

Marianne has appeared in several media publications including Wall Street Journal TV, Fox News, Redbook, Shape, New York Times and LA Times.

Get her Baby Bod Book and Program and connect with her online!

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