Fertility Optimization with Dr. Janice Davie

Podcast: Fertility Optimization with Dr. Janice Davie

Podcast: Fertility Optimization with Dr. Janice Davie

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Integrative Fertility Expert, Dr. Janice Davie helps couples to optimize their health in order to optimize their fertility, reduce their stress and to feel empowered along their fertility journey.

Her mission is to improve the health of our next generation through preconception and perinatal care.

Dr. Janice Davie maintains a local practice in Amherstburg and Tecumseh, Ontario and also supports couples trying to conceive globally, online at www.drjanicedaviend.com

In today’s episode we dive into what it means to have a “perfect period” and how you can optimize your health to best be prepared for your fertility journey. She talks in detail about PMS and how toxins play a role in our hormone health. Dr. Davie shares an important study that has influenced the way she practices medicine and she offers us insight into creating a healthier next generation.

When it comes to embarking on your fertility journey or supporting someone on theirs, her informative mindset based download is one you don’t want to miss!

How NOT to Try When You’re Trying is a key piece of the positive fertility journey.

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