Awetism with Dr. Theresa Lyons

Podcast: Awetism with Dr. Theresa Lyons

Podcast: Awetism with Dr. Theresa Lyons

This episode speaks to finding the awe in something that may feel initially like a world-ending diagnosis.

Dr. Theresa Lyons is a mom first and a scientist second. She has brought the latest autism science and research into her most important role to help not only her own daughter diagnosed with severe autism but also to parents across the world who need the information she shares.

Seeing an autism diagnosis (and all the uncertainty and fear it brings) as an awe-inspiring Awe-portunity is what Dr. Lyons is passionate about sharing with others.

Tune in while I interview Dr. Theresa and dig deep on all things relating to parenting a child with special needs.

From the difficulties of talking with doctors, dealing with a lack of knowledge, clarity, and understanding of the depth and scope of autism and the importance of the right support, Dr. Theresa shares the realities and the opportunities in being a parent of a child on the spectrum.

Her positive spin on the most difficult things and her ability to breakdown the science into practical tools make her who she is and she has been able to offer hope and answers for so many struggling parents and children.

Find out more about Dr. Lyons and connect directly with her on her website

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