Restriction Affliction

Podcast: Restriction Affliction

Podcast: Restriction Affliction

In today’s episode, I talk about what happens when you restrict yourself from your natural desires. Often a heightened desire follows a period of restriction and can have negative lasting effects.

“Get in the Grey” is the Love FitMama Way.

If it suits you and your personality to restrict without rebound, (it’s a small percentage of “upholders” according to Gretchen Rubin) and if it works, then YAY! However, most of our lifestyle habits don’t work that way and giving up sugar or carbs or whatever FOREVER (or even for a period of time) may not be the best short or long-term health strategy for you.

Tune in for some real food for thought in this week’s work IN around how the limits you place on yourself can feel like they free you, but can also have consequences that we don’t want.

Starting with awareness, leaping into forgiveness and presence, patience and self-care without negative feelings, like being restricted, feels so good. Even when we think we won’t make the best choices if all options were available, we do, because there’s a level of self-respect that grows as we give ourselves permission to choose in each moment.

Accepting and appreciating that each moment is different and each day is different allows you to “get in the grey” and take a deep breath to make the best decision for you.

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