Your Environment Impacts You

Podcast: Your Environment Impacts You

Podcast: Your Environment Impacts You

On every level what’s happening around you is happening within you.

This is the Work IN to your workout, so if you are not working out, what is going on within?

I talk about the feedback look of Feeling and Thinking over and over…and where it gets you.

Feel clutter in every corner? Maybe your mind or body feel cluttered, weighed down, tired and overwhelmed.

What if you cleared that clutter? Yes, it would feel like dropping 20-30 lbs of weight you may feel energetically.

Not sticking to your goals?

Maybe it’s the environment: People, commute, uncontrollables, routines etc.

I challenge you to create an environment that sets you up for success in both your mind and body.

There are many internal and external influences leading to the thinking/feeling/thinking/feeling … the loop that never ends

Create the environment that gives you the reps to achieve your new normal…that new vantage point where things look CLEAR.

Look no further than within FitMama.

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