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Podcast:  Calm Mama with Dr. Sindy Shin

Podcast:  Calm Mama with Dr. Sindy Shin

I am so excited to bring you this brilliant doctor and coach to so many moms worldwide, Sindy Shin, Calm Mama™ Expert and creator of The Calm Mama Method™.

Dr. Sindy helps busy moms who are drained and overwhelmed with juggling it all, gain the calm control they need to feel centered, present and confident for whatever comes their way. The heart of what she does is teach mothers how to embrace self-care and reconnect to themselves so they can thrive with vitality, power, and grace.

With over 10 years of guiding hundreds of women on how to reduce the impact of stress on their health and overall well-being, and now with two young boys of her own, Dr. Sindy is transforming lives by inspiring modern moms globally to escape mommy burnout and discover a new, self-nurturing way of embracing and rocking #momlife and beyond.

We get into three major areas that Dr. Sindy teaches about, which are so integral to life as a mom. She supports these aspects in her online community Calm Mama™. We talk in detail about presence: how to bring quality presence to the moments that matter most, peace: how to cultivate peace of mind and create harmony in your home and well-being and power: how to face each day with renewed trust in yourself, embrace self-care and embody who were born to be, so you can thrive with confidence.

Click here for a free copy of Dr. Sindy’s – A Modern Mom’s Guide to Breakthrough Mommy Mental Burnout

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