Anchoring Habits begin TWOday

Podcast:  Anchoring Habits begin TWOday

Podcast:  Anchoring Habits begin TWOday

FitMama, this episode is a loving nudge in the direction of honoring you and creating daily habits that bring you peace, grounding and strength.

Consistency in our desirable habits can be suspect when we have a million things on our plate and others to tend to day and night – which feels like the norm as a FitMama.

The anchoring habits I talk about in this episode will shed some light on simplifying your goal setting and increasing your level of “goal getting.”

What habits set you on your desired path each day? Which ones veer you off track?

This Free PDF download will be your new guide FitMama to getting your daily goals, not just setting them.

When we begin our day with these TWO things: Forgiveness and Gratitude it sets the stage for a cascade of success before we even begin.

How you start your day matters. The baggage you bring into today from yesterday holds you back and stunts your opportunity for growth.

Begin each day with 2 minutes writing in your journal answering the prompts in the TWO Day Goal Getting sheet and observe the more effortless nature of honouring your desires, setting yourself up for success and reaching the positive expectations you have for yourself.

Make it happen by starting this incredible anchoring habit TODAY!

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