Caroline Holmes and Retreats

Podcast:  The Magic of Retreats

Podcast:  The Magic of Retreats


On this episode, I interview the loving Caroline Holmes, who is the founder of Yoga Retreats Ireland, a global company who hosts retreats in Ireland (aptly named).

Historic homes and Castles are the venues for their magnificent retreats. Caroline and I chat about how she got started in yoga and doing yoga retreats. Caroline is very passionate about the experiences moms can create at retreats. Her mission is to bring guests to Ireland so they too can experience the essence of her homeland while practicing yoga and visiting mystical sites to get more deeply connected to themselves.

The mandate is love, laughter, and connection with like-minded others that share a passion for movement, breath, and travel.

Have you been on a retreat?

We talk about the many benefits and reasons why you want to book one of these in your near future!!

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