Sex Series Part 1 of 4: Opening Up

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 1 of 4: Opening Up

Podcast:  Sex Series Part 1 of 4: Opening Up

I hear so many different things from FitMamas when it comes to getting sexy with their spouses and this 4 part series is about breaking it down a little and seeing where you may be leaving pleasure on the table when it’s yours for the taking!

Are you finding yourself being overly self-conscious of how your body looks or functions that may be different from before you had kids?

Are you telling yourself you just don’t have the libido that your husband or wife does and it’s causing a lack of intimacy?

I break it all down in this episode as I introduce the 4 part series.

I mentioned Caroline Myss in this episode and the sacredness of each day that we are alive, and I highly recommend you explore the sacredness and opportunity of pleasuring your partner inside and out of the bedroom each day.

We have been exploring the details of the 21 Days to Love Your Body in the Facebook Group and it most definitely helps you get more intimate with yourself which allows for more intimacy with the King, Queen, God or Goddess in your life.

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